We serve global machinery by non-mechanical style!

Established in 2008,

SinFu Machinery Co.,Ltd is a new, young and growing company who specialized in proving research, manufacturing , sales and service of mechanical power transmission parts . The key person from SinFu were well-experienced person from various leading company in power transmission industry in China.

What makes SinFu unique?

■ Profound experience on oversea customer service for easy business

Clearly understand what our customer needs and use customer own language for business communication ; To think things from customer 's view and do all upmost support to our customer

■Outstanding Know-how technology background on power transmission industry for quality guarantee

Rich experience from our capable engineer enable us to speak with customer by their required engineer language, whatever engineering the standard power transmission products or special design items

■ Large manufacturing base

Substantial investment in stock and equipments to allow us to provide prompt delivery and competitive price

All SinFu people do is focus on "flexibility" to your business.

The main mechanical power transmission products we provide:

* Keyless locking devices (Power lock/Locking elements/Shaft-hub connection)

* Timing belt Pulley / V pulley / Gears / Tooth plate / Flange

* Shaft coupling (Jaw coupling / Nylon gear coupling / disc coupling)

* Customized Machining/turning parts


We serve global machinery by non-mechanical style!